Village Vines Custom Design


Design Thoughts:

  • Once I started drawing I realized we didn't talk about color and if this is going to be a full color printing, but I thought I'd just get started and I can make adjustments as needed.

  • Any of the following elements can be interchanged between the design options: label background, border, coloring/shading, and layout (example: "Village Vines" on top or on the bottom).

  • I was feeling a simple, rustic vibe with the serene hills in the background and the profile of the gazebo and wind vane. The font choices I picked reflect this feeling, but if you want something a little higher end I can pull some more script fonts.

  • I immediately was drawn to the lavender, the hills, your gazebo, and the grapevines - but if there are other things I've missed that you would like to see instead, let me know! And if it's TOO MUCH, just let me know that too. I created Design-E to give you a more simplified option and can further develop something minimal if you'd like.

  • Colors: Let me know if you had a different color profile in mind. I tend to always lean toward warm colors, but I can definitely revise.