wooden surfboard baby mobile nautical ocean nursery

Dawn Buettner Huntington has always loved to doodle. She used her drawing habit to earn a Masters in Architecture from the University of California, Los Angeles. After the birth of her two sons, Dawn left architecture in pursuit of running her own handmade business. In 2013, she fused her artwork with her joy of wood working and founded Flying Tree Studios. 

"With a love for beach and surf culture, I create designs inspired by the coastal California communities I call home. When I first began selling my designs, I was entirely focused on baby mobiles. Over the years my projects have expanded to include wall decor, art prints, fabric design, and personalized surfboards."

Dawn Buettner Huntington Baby Mobiles

"When my kids were babies, we used store-bought baby mobiles. Once they were no longer entertaining, the mobiles were given away. When I had my first inclination to create a baby mobile, I wanted it to be something that could become part of a home’s décor and last long after baby was out of the crib. With just the slightest breeze from a nearby window or ceiling fan, my wooden mobiles spin and provide a dynamic design element to any room." 

Dawn's designs for Flying Tree Studios capture her love of California with a dash of Hawaii and a sprinkling of nostalgic retro beach vibes. Dawn finds tremendous joy in designing and making wooden creations that appeal to babies and grownups alike.