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Dawn Marie Buettner Huntington Artist

Dawn Huntington emerged an artist and small business owner in the wake of a career in architecture that left her longing for the hands-on process of creating carefully hand-crafted pieces.

Dawn has always loved to draw and developed a love of woodworking in architecture school. The combination of both creative passions has produced a variety of products that capture her love of California with a dash of Hawaii and a sprinkling of nostalgic, retro beach vibes.

Flying Tree Studios began with a collection of hanging, wooden baby mobiles – Hence, the name “Flying Tree”.

Today the collections of Flying Tree Studios have grown to include a range of wooden wall décor and personalized standing surfboards for weddings and special events.

Dawn is devoted to designing and creating pieces that appeal to babies and grownups alike and Flying Tree Studios is a continual work in progress as her inspiration and the techniques for capturing the inspiration grows. 

"When I first began my handcrafted small business as a new mom, I was entirely focused on baby products. Over the years I've learned new ways of making things - screen printing, CNC router woodworking, digital illustration - and this has opened the doors to creating a wider range of products. Each new tool or technique expands what I'm capable of creating, which is exciting because that means I'm growing as an artist. That constant growth promises things I can't even imagine yet, and that keeps me going."
Dawn Buettner Huntington Baby Mobiles