When I think about my childhood I picture sweet popsicles on salty lips after a day at the beach, bike rides with pockets full of change to buy fruit flavored candy sticks and foggy vision on a summer night after an entire day spent in a chlorinated pool. For me,  growing up in Southern California was all about spending endless fair weathered days outside in a small town where it wasn’t uncommon to get stuck behind a tractor rattling down Main Street. My California doesn’t quite match up with the one I often see depicted in popular culture. Sure, I’ve experienced my fair share of earthquakes and traffic jams, but these are minor inconveniences that can’t overshadow my love for barefoot walks on the beach at low tide, seals sunbathing in the harbor, and bonfires at the beach with friends and family.

Though I grew up with a passion for creativity, I’ve taken a bit of a circuitous route to turning that creativity into a business.

When I went off to college, I saw my crafting, sewing and painting as nothing more than hobbies. As a student at UC San Diego I started out majoring in Biology but changed my focus when the university introduced a school of architecture. With the words of my high school math teacher (“With handwriting like that you should be an architect!”) still ringing in my ears, I decided to take a class and I was hooked. When the school of architecture was forced to close after only a year, I dove into a degree in art/architectural history and followed up with a Masters of Architecture from UC Los Angeles.

My architectural career was in its infancy when I took a leave to start our family. As a stay-at-home mom, I found new joy in my creative hobbies and soon became  more interested in pursuing craft fairs than returning to the field of architecture. I longed for a way to make things with my own two hands for a living, and the rise of e-commerce gave me a storefront I once only dreamed of being able to acquire.

When my kids were babies, we used store-bought baby mobiles. Once they were no longer entertaining, the mobiles were given away. When I had my first inclination to create a baby mobile, I wanted it to be something that could become part of a home’s décor and last long after baby was out of the crib. Today, I have mobiles in practically every room in our house and think it is an artform that is truly underestimated. With just the slightest breeze from a nearby window or ceiling fan, my wooden mobiles spin and provide a dynamic design element to any room. 

My surfboard mobiles bring my work full circle, combining my creative passion with my lifelong love of the ocean and beach culture.

It’s been so fulfilling to connect with and create pieces for folks around the world who share my fondness for the beach. While trying to capture the essence of California (with a dash of Hawaii, which has always been near to my heart as my Grandmother’s home) I aspire to create designs that appeal to babies and grownups alike. Now a work-at-home mom to my two boys, I find tremendous joy in designing and making wooden creations by hand. I truly appreciate the support that every order provides me to continue living a creative life I love.