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Weekend Drawing

- Currently on the iPad -

Even though I have so many unfinished things here, there, and everywhere, I started a new drawing. Going with the flow. And that's what weekends are for, right? I saw this great post the other day:

"Whatever comes, let it come. Whatever stays, let it stay.
Whatever goes, let it go.
Just flow and trust that I got your back."
-The Universe

Boy am I a sucker for anything that uses the universe to justify meaning or purpose. Is that because I'm a Cancer? Someone once said to me, "Oh, you must be one of those moon people," after telling them my birthday. Um, yeah - I am sort of infatuated with the moon... is that a Cancer thing? The recent solar flare was another reminder that we are just specks on a tiny sphere in the greater scheme of the universe. I believe it's all connected. Of course it is. But, maybe it gives me peace to think that a butterfly flapping it's wings on another planet will eventually effect me in some way or another.

Anyway... at least I'm drawing consistently again. I will finish this one because it's got my attention. Then this week will be about finishing old stuff. One of my stacks in Procreate is labeled "WIP" (Work In Progress). So at least my unfinished business is organized. I know exactly where to go after life gets in the way and distracts me from the creative process.

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