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Meet the Maker: Day 1

I’m participating in a challenge on Instagram called “March Meet The Maker” (#marchmeetthemaker) where daily prompts encourage makers like me to introduce themselves and their small, creative businesses. I thought I’d share my posts here for anyone wanting to know more about who I am and how/why I create the wooden baby mobiles, decor, and artwork available in my shop.

Today’s prompt is: Brand Introduction...

Back when my babies were still babies I made baby things - Bibs, booties, nursery artwork and pillows with whimsical silk screened animals. As my boys grew up, so did my areas of interest. I was inspired by and began incorporating things I’m passionate about: the beach, vintage Hawaiiana, retro California surf culture, sunshine, and tropical vibes. (“Blue Hawaii” meets The Beach Boys.) It was when I combined my favorite hobbies, wood working and illustration, that things clicked and I pinned down the brand I identify with today.

I design wooden baby mobiles and décor adorned with my original illustrations. Since I began my handmade business with baby  goods I stayed in that lane, but I wanted to create things that wouldn’t go out of style once baby was out of the crib. My designs aren’t made entirely for baby. They’re created for the whole family to enjoy. When I think about my own childhood growing up in California, I can picture my parents sharing their love for the beach and ocean with us. Parents-to-be selecting one of my wooden surfboard mobiles are taking their first step to share their love for surfing beach days with their little beach babes and I absolutely love having a hand in that.

The name, Flying Tree Studios, is a nod to the wooden pieces that make up my hanging (aka flying) mobiles. I liked using “studios” because I always envisioned offering more than one thing. A baby mobile studio, an art studio, a content studio – Which is actually kind of a reflection of my personality. I’m often juggling several different things and like jumping from drawing to wood working to gardening to sewing so that I never get bored with spending all my time on just one thing.

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