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Surfboard Wood Print - Sunset Poppy Surfboard

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As a California native, there is nothing I love more than the color of a California Poppy because it reminds me of sunsets on the beach. This illustration captures all the things I love about camping on the beach: beautiful sunsets, pelicans flying up and down the coast in spectacular rows, lifeguard towers, and dramatic cliffs. And, of course, a few beautiful California Poppies!

This original art print is mounted onto real wood and is a unique display of artwork with its warm wood grain and surfboard shape. The perfect addition to surf or coastal decor, this surfboard will be a sweet beach-inspired accent piece in the office, home, or baby nursery.

DETAILS: Measures 16 inches tall by 8 inches wide. Cut from 1/4" thick birch plywood, this surfboard art comes with a keyhole mount on the back for easy hanging. The original artwork is sealed with varnish and is safe to dust, keeping it looking as beautiful as the day it was hung.


How long is the mobile? How do I hang it?

Unless a request is made  when ordered, mobiles are strung to be hung from the ceiling: About 4 to 5 feet long (from ceiling to bottom of mobile). If you would like the mobile to hang at a specific length, please let me know in the "Notes" section during checkout.

I will provide a white cup hook to screw into your ceiling and additional plastic line in the event of above average ceiling heights. This should only be used when hanging completely out of reach of babies or children. For a secure installation in drywall ceilings (when hanging above a crib or bed) a ceiling hook with an anchor should be used. I recommend something similar to this: CEILING HOOK LINK

Can you repair my mobile?

I have mobiles in my studio that have been hanging there for years! They even spin daily from the breeze of a nearby ceiling fan. They are soundly constructed, but if for any reason you have pieces that fall off or become entangled I am happy to restring your mobile at no cost. You pay to ship to me and I will pay for the return shipping. Or if you are located near San Diego, we can arrange for a drop-off. Please contact me to make arrangements.

Can I hang my mobile from a crib attachment?

If you would prefer to hang this mobile from a crib mobile attachment, please select "Hang from Crib" under "Hanging Length". (IF THIS OPTION IS NOT PROVIDED: This is one of my larger mobiles that is best hung from the ceiling.)

The mobile will be strung to hang no longer than 18-inches. Please note: the crib attachment clamp is not included in the price of the mobile.

How do I clean the mobile?

Made of durable wood, Flying Tree mobiles can be easily dusted with a damp cloth or household cleaning spray (as opposed to paper or fabric mobiles) and will continue to look every bit as wonderful as the day they were hung for years to come.

How heavy is the mobile?

Most mobiles weigh between 1-1/2 to 2 pounds.

Can you tell me how you make these wooden mobiles?

I personally create each component of Flying Tree mobiles with care in my home studio. I sand and shape each piece of wood individually before adding illustrations (printed onto transfer paper), fabric or paper. Mobile pieces are then sealed with a high gloss varnish. Plastic monofilament (I use a 12-pound capacity for pieces that only weigh a few ounces each) is knotted to metal eyelets that have been screwed into each piece, making all connections extra secure.

Do they come with a spinning mechanism?

Flying Tree mobiles tend to move in even the slightest breeze since they are strung with very lightweight monofilament, as opposed to string or ribbon. They do not come with mechanisms for spinning, but even in the act of photographing the mobiles I find it extremely difficult to make them be still! I think you'll enjoy their soft and natural movement as much as I do.

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